June 9, 2014

Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr *Review*


I found the New York Leopards series by Allison Parr while perusing through the free books on iBooks. The first book I read in the series was called Running Back, and I really enjoyed it. Sports themed romance books aren’t my usual preferred read ,but Allison Parr has a way of writing a great story to surround the sporty world she creates. I then realized that Running Back was actually the second book in the series, with Imaginary Lines being the third. Woops!


Imaginary Lines starts with introducing us to Tamar Rosenfeld. We’re told that Tamar has been in love with one of the NY Leopards footballers, Abraham Krasner, since she was twelve years old. The opening scene is set five years back, and it’s Abe and Tamar out in their hometown in California. Tamar is trying to summon the courage to tell Abe that she loves him, when she over hears him telling another woman that Tamar is “just a family friend”. Crushed, she tries to run, but Abe catches her. She finally tells him how she feels, and is devastated by his reply.

Chapter two brings us to the present. Tamar has graduated college and is preparing to move from CA to NY. She has plans to live with a friend of her cousins and has a reporting job all lined up at Sports Today in NYC. She hasn’t seen Abraham since that fateful night, but since her family and his family is close, they all want to know if she’s spoken to him about her move. She hasn’t. (I do love a smart heroine) 😉

Tamar settles into her new NYC home, and makes friends with her new roommates. She makes a checklist of things to accomplish in New York, with the last two items being “Fall in Love” and “Be Happy”.


Tamar had been in NYC for a short amount of time before Abe contacts her. He texts her that his mother had let him know she was in town, and asks to meet up for drinks. With butterflies in her stomach, she agrees, and they make plans to meet the next day.

Abraham Krasner was a likable character in Running Back, but when I went back and read the first book in this series, Rush Me, he stole my heart. Abe is younger and sweeter than the other footballers in this cast Leopards players. He seems to have a hard time adjusting to east coast living, but he bonds with the Leopards quarterback’s girlfriend, Rachel in book one. Abe is the most respectful in the group, and has a big heart. Why couldn’t he share that heart with Tamar in CA?

Tamar and Abe see more of each other in NYC, and before long, her role as a sports reporter causes a little friction between them. I love how Tamar stands up for herself, and isn’t afraid to take on the “big dogs” in her reporting. Get em’ girl!


I encourage you to read this one yourself to find out if Tamar ends up “falling in love and happy”. These types of novels can sometimes be super predictable, but I promise this one wasn’t. I may have been able to guess the ending at one point, but the way the story unfolded was not as I had predicted. 😉

Overall, I give Imaginary Lines 4 out of 5 Krissy Stars. The NY Leopards series is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Have you read Imaginary Lines, or any of the books in this series?

Let me know in the comments below.

Xo- K


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