April 9, 2017

Mini Review and Kickstarter Campaign for The Furever Home Friends by Savy Leiser

Hi Book Friends!

Author Savy Leiser has generously given me a sneak peek at her brand new proposed children’s book series called The Furever Home Friends.

Each Furever Home Friends book tells the tail (hehe) of an actual shelter dog and their journey to find their furever home and comes with a stuffed animal for the child to enjoy while reading the story, and I thnk this is a fantastic idea! I’m a mother of an eight year old and a two year old and I can see both of my children enjoying these stories and the accompanying stuffed animal.

I was able to preview two of The Furever Home Friends stories; Princess Allee and Smile, Chewy. Both stories are told from the shelter dogs point of view and have family discussion questions at the end.

My children enjoyed hearing Allee and Chewy’s stories. (I thought they were adorable too.) The family discussion questions were fun for my 8 year old but my 2 year old lost interest in the discussion and returned to playing with his toys. I think that is where the stuffed animal will come in handy when these books are released. Haha!

The animal shelters in this country are unfortunately filled with fur babies looking for their furever homes. I think this series is a brilliant idea spread the awareness of this issue. Giving a child a little fur baby to hold while they listen to the story is a great touch too!

If you’d like to help to bring these books to life, please share this post, or the link for the kickstarter campaign, to spread awareness and help Savy reach her goal.


Click here for more information and to donate ~ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2133186958/the-furever-home-friends/description

Press Release:

New Children’s Book and Toy Series Promotes Social Equality through a Dog’s Eyes

Chicago, IL — April 8, 2017 — This week, Chicago author Savy Leiser launched a new series of children’s books called The Furever Home Friends. Each book tells the story of a real dog who has lived in an animal shelter or rescue, and their journey to adoption. Each character also has a corresponding 12-inch flannel stuffed animal. To fund the production of the first two books and stuffed animals in the series, Leiser has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $7,000, which will cover illustration and book-printing costs, as well as the costs of materials for about 150 handmade stuffed animals.

Every stuffed animal is approximately 12″ tall, made from huggable flannel and polyester fluff, and hand-made with love. Each animal comes with a personalized adoption certificate!

If the Kickstarter is successful, backers will receive their books and stuffed animals this coming August, which is also when the products will be commercially available to purchase online.The books portray animal shelters as welcoming, friendly places for dogs, and encourage pet owners to adopt from shelters and rescues. Told from a dog’s perspective, each story gently addresses heavier topics, such as animal abuse and pit bull discrimination. After releasing the first two books and stuffed animals, Leiser will be working with no-kill animal shelters to find new dogs who want their stories told.


Along with growing the Furever Home Friends collection, Leiser’s goal is to donate a portion of profits back to animal shelters. Future books will address topics like racism, sexism, and disabilities, all through a dog’s eyes. “The goal of the Furever Home Friends is to foster a love of animals in children of all ages,” says Leiser. “We also want to get kids thinking about big-picture social issues, how those issues affect people and animals, and how they can help.” Books and stuffed animals for the first two Furever Home Friends characters–a black lab named Allee and a pit bull mix named Chewie–are available for pre-order on the Furever Home Friends Kickstarter page.


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