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Lover of Books.

Hey ya’ll! I am a wife, mother, reader, and sometimes blogger.¬†ūüėč

20151201_152412Krissy’s Book Nook¬† was started as therapy to help me heal from the loss of a pregnancy. My husband and best friend were really¬†supportive and helped me think of things to keep my mind off of the trauma I had just gone through.¬†¬†My¬†kind-of hobbies are reading, playing with makeup, and¬†talking about reading and playing with makeup. Haha!

Krissy’s Book Nook¬†¬†is a way for me¬†to¬†connect and share with fellow book lovers all over the world!

My favorite genres to read are chick lit, sports¬†romance, contemporary adult,¬†new adult, young adult, and paranormal romance. I’m open to other genres and I’ll read just about anything as long as it has a good story.

I hope you enjoy what you read here and maybe find your next  favorite book or author!

Xo- KūüíĖ


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